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[04 December 2033 4:01pm]
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[07 December 2008 12:10pm]
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CDs [23 November 2006 10:37pm]
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csi 7x01 [10 October 2006 1:28pm]
[ mood | curious ]


i guess i have neglected CSI lately xD

i just DLed episode 7x01 "Built to Kill I" o.o'''''''''

CATHERINE GOT RAPED?! please tell me if i got that totally wrong o_O cuz really, i wanna know. and i'm DLing 7x02 Built to Kill II right now. gonna watch it then. d'uuuuh.

and what's wrong with Nick? dancing with Catherine, leaving the club with some random girl O_o' DON'T CHEAT ON YOUR BELOVED GREG! >.<

aah i didn't like the episode. word. xD' although there was a gay couple!! aww i felt so sorry for the one guy whose boyfriend killed himself *sniffles*


okay, some good news: GONNA GO TO THE CINEMA IN 2½ HOURS! and then i'll watch Deutschland. Ein Sommermaerchen. FINALLY! ^^ *does happydance*

anyways, gotta tidy up now. ^^

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xD

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TIRED [07 October 2006 3:45pm]
[ mood | guess what? TIRED XD ]

iiiiiiii'm so tired ._________. yesterday Chibi and Jana celebrated their 16th birthdays and i slept, like, 1½ hours.. and now i'm tired -.- although i drank 1,5 litres Vanilla Coke xD'

anyways... just went to the Netherlands ^^ some shopping with my parents... they baught some stuff, err, nothing interesting really... XD but the christmas things there are damn CREEPY!! and they're PINK with feathers and angelwings and SHOES on the christmas trees XD OMG! i'm gonna post some pics later, ehehee ^^

oh, and misssamjones, call me whenever you want, kay? well, maybe i'll be asleep or you'll wake me up, but i wanna talk to you XD and we HAVE TO phone during the Germany-Georgien game XD lmao have you ever tried to read out loud the names of the georgian players? (wuah, my english sucks, i'm too tired o_O) it's FUNNY! XD''''

anyways, i'm gonna sleep now. d'uh.

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shopping! ^^ [01 October 2006 9:11am]
[ mood | tired ]

Weeeeee I went shopping yesterday! ^^

i baught:

Franz Ferdinand ~ you could have it so much better
SingStar the Dome
a baseball bat
a baseball

^___^ i love the baseball things xD i forced my brother to play some bball with me xD and i won! (twice) ^^ although he was pretty good...^^ eh yeah, i also have a baseball glove, but it's for leftys xD (and i'm a righty... d'uh)

my friends and me will probably meet in the holidays to play a bit baseball...^^ i'm already looking forward to it ^^

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happy birthday ^^ [20 September 2006 12:04am]
[ mood | cheerful ]


Gratulamur tibi! Gratulamur tibi!
Gratulamur cara Jana, Gratulamur tibi!


and so on

i love you, have a great birthday and YOU'RE SIXTEEN NOW!!! XD'''''

♥ ♥ ♥

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <- 16 candles xD BLOW! *lmao*

yes i'm being silly xD i'll go to bed now!


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